Samuel Bastian, MD

Internal Medicine & Pediatrics located in Franklin, TN & Brentwood, TN

About Dr. Bastian

Dr. Bastian is a Board Certified doctor of Internal and Pediatric Medicine. Dr. Bastian graduated in 1989 from the University of Tennessee, Memphis School of Medicine, and then completed his residency training in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in 1993, at the same university. Since July 1993, he has practiced in his hometown: Franklin, Tennessee.

Dr. Bastian is married and has three daughters, and they live in the Grassland community. He is also actively involved in organized medicine, and is a former board member of the Tennessee Medical Association. Additionally, he is a past president of Heritage Medical Associates as well as the current Chief of Staff at Williamson Medical Center. Dr. Bastian enjoys spending time with his family, reading, cooking, and weight training.