About the Practice

Cool Springs & North Franklin Internal Medicine & Pediatrics, PLLC, in Brentwood and Franklin, Tennessee, offers a combination of internal medicine and pediatric services, provided by a team of board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners. Our providers have undergone rigorous training to provide customized care to patients of all ages from well child checks, physicals, and chronic care management to acute care needs in our walk-in clinic.


Mission Statement

To improve lives through exemplary health care.


Cool Springs Internal Medicine & Pediatrics believes in: 

  • Patient centered care.
  • Providing care across the spectrum of life.
  • Providing care across the spectrum of health and disease.
  • Providing evidence based care, including appropriate screenings and the avoidance of unnecessary testing.
  • Striving to remain accessible by offering urgent care, extended & weekend hours, and being available by phone.

Additionally, it is part of our core values that:

  • Care should be available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay, and in striving to do our part to accomplish this goal.
  • No one should be discriminated against regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, race, gender identification, religion, disabilities, political beliefs, lifestyle, or ethnic origin.
  • The best care is provided in the context of relationships, across lifetimes and generations.
  • We should provide a positive experience for our employees, where they are safe, their skills are used, and they are paid fairly.
  • Staff is always required to be professional in appearance and conduct.

How is our walk-in different?

At Cool Springs and North Franklin Internal Medicine & Pediatrics we take pride in providing excellent acute care for our existing patients and patients who are new to our office. Our Nurse practitioners are highly educated and experienced in providing excellent acute care. Our nurse practitioners do not work on protocols, they use their knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat patients individually. Our nurse practitioners are all supervised by physicians who are board certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics.

The state of Tennessee requires that licensed physicians sign off on 20 percent of all nurse practitioner encounters. Cool Springs and North Franklin Internal Medicine & Pediatrics goes the extra step and has the physician sign off on 100 percent of the nurse practitioner encounters. In addition to this if you are a current patient of Cool Springs and North Franklin Internal Medicine & Pediatrics your encounter note will be sent specifically to your primary care provider (PCP). We believe this promotes continuity of care and gives our patients peace of mind in knowing that not only their PCP is aware they have been seen but also your PCP has seen the encounter and the plan for treatment.