Mission Statement

To improve lives through exemplary health care.


Cool Springs Internal Medicine & Pediatrics believes in: 

  • Patient centered care.
  • Providing care across the spectrum of life.
  • Providing care across the spectrum of health and disease.
  • Providing evidence based care, including appropriate screenings and the avoidance of unnecessary testing.
  • Striving to remain accessible by offering urgent care, extended & weekend hours, and being available by phone.

Additionally, it is part of our core values that:

  • Care should be available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay, and in striving to do our part to accomplish this goal.
  • No one should be discriminated against regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, race, gender identification, religion, disabilities, political beliefs, lifestyle, or ethnic origin.
  • The best care is provided in the context of relationships, across lifetimes and generations.
  • We should provide a positive experience for our employees, where they are safe, their skills are used, and they are paid fairly.
  • Staff is always required to be professional in appearance and conduct.